Wage hike costs workers Biden should listen Submit a column
Hamas killed my parents. We still can't grieve them in peace.
Iris Weinstein-Haggai 
My husband has Alzheimer's. It feels like our lives have been hijacked.
Jackie Mashore 
Watching my autistic students graduate reminds me how far we've come
Larry Strauss 
IVF access is coming before Congress. Will they protect it?
Dr. Paula Amato and Barbara Collura 
They tell conservatives to skip college. Don't listen.
Christine Schueckler 
What is having Alzheimer's like? My life is still filled with hope.
Pat Bishara 
Women shouldn't have to prove their gender to receive basic rights
Janelle Stecklein 
Tennessee's new marriage law is discriminatory and unconstitutional
Ezra Wyrick 
A felon as president? It's time to rebrand, redefine the word.
Theresa Hinman 
Black Americans are being left behind in the fight to end overdoses
Dr. Jerome Adams 
Hunter Biden's alleged crimes are common. His prosecution? Anything but.
Charles M. Oberly 
I design ports of entry. There's no chaos at our border.
Eddie Jones 
I've been close with bears and men. In the woods, I'd pick the bear.
Laura Pritchett 
I don't like Trump, but this case never should have happened
Dace Potas 
Matthew Modine: Don't forget American victims of nuclear weapons tests
Matthew Modine 
A president called our soldiers 'losers.' How did we get to this place?
Rebekah Sanderlin 
Trump's trial is winding down. Thank the jurors who will decide it.
Larry Strauss 
There was no free speech at my college. Peaceful protest is precious.
Muhammad Babar 
Should I give my child a phone? Here are things to think about first.
Carli Pierson 
The broken promise of Brown v. Board of Education 70 years later
Tim DeRoche 
University leaders are indulging vile lies about Israel and Hamas
Ari Berman 
The 4B movement to boycott gender roles isn't so foreign to me
I'm a student. Lawmakers letting teachers carry guns breaks my heart.
Parish DeVries 
I'm a hypochondriac. How I learned to manage my health anxiety.
Hal Rosenbluth 
My family survived the Holocaust. Their stories still matter.
Jeffrey N. Gingold 
Congress is so lost that curing cancer is no longer bipartisan
Dr. Thomas K. Lew 
Why are we still defending hitting kids at school?
Janelle Stecklein 
I was raped. My story isn't rare. The outcome is.
Angela Cooper 
People say never meet your idols. Mine bit me.
Rini Jeffers 
My arrest at Columbia was a nightmare. It should never have happened.
Allie Wong 
'Why isn't anyone helping Gaza?' I wish my kids never had to ask.
Jenan Mohajir 
My dad survived the Holocaust. Protesters should learn what genocide is.
Elisha Wiesel 
A doll inspired my Olympic win. I hope my Barbie helps others go for gold.
Kristi Yamaguchi 
Sudan's vultures feed on the dead. We ignore it with silence.
Don Cheadle and John Prendergast