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Adam Scott

Adam Scott appears in teaser for new season of Apple TV's 'Severance': 'Welcome back'

A new season of "Severance" is heading to viewers' screens soon, with Apple TV releasing a first-look image and teaser starring Adam Scott, pictured, on Monday.

Get ready to clock in for another unforgettable shift at Lumon Industries, "Severance" fans.

Apple TV+ unveiled a pair of sneak peeks at the eerie workplace drama's upcoming second season on social media Monday.

A with "Severance" star Adam Scott features a first-look image at Scott's character Mark Scout, who works at Lumon Industries, an ominous corporation where he spends his days plugging away at a desktop computer in a windowless, sparsely furnished office.

The image shows Scout walking down an empty hallway wearing a navy-blue suit and clutching a bouquet of blue balloons. "Your innie has already seen this image," the post reads.

"Severance" follows the hyper-insulated office life of Scout, a milquetoast everyman who finds himself working at Lumon after his wife dies in a car accident. Scout and his fellow employees agree to have their brains "severed," or implanted with a mind-altering microchip, so they have no memory of their work when they go home and vice versa.

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The sci-fi drama, which debuted in February 2022, stars Scott alongside Zach Cherry, Britt Lower, Tramell Tillman and Jen Tullock.

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'Severance' teases suspenseful drama in Apple TV+ trailer

On Monday, Apple TV+ treated fans to a brief "Severance" teaser in a previewing its catalog of new show releases, which also includes the return of the series "Pachinko," "Silo," "Slow Horses" and "Shrinking."

The "Severance" teaser opens with Scott's character Mark Scout emerging from an elevator. He is then greeted with an unnerving smile by Tillman’s Milchik. "Welcome back. (It's) been a minute," Milchik says.

Another clip shows Scout lying on a long conference table, which then cuts to Scout running frantically down a hallway.

In Season 1, Scout starts to scrutinize the operation Lumon Industries runs following the mysterious disappearance of his co-worker Petey (Yul Vázquez).

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The new teaser concludes with a suspenseful shot of Scout reaching out from inside an elevator and screaming "Wait!" as the doors begin to close.

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