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Wilted salad, be gone! Here's how to preserve lettuce easily

Salads are an incredibly versatile menu item that can accompany many meals. They are also highly customizable, making them easy to enjoy year-round and can be concocted using an array of ingredients. However, no one wants to tuck into a salad with wilted or soggy greens, unless you're eating a wilted lettuce salad, of course.

It's easier than you think to keep the leaves in your salad nice and crispy if it's not being served immediately. These tips will help your carefully crafted leafy mix hold up as it journeys from home to a party, a potluck or the office. Plus, it applies to all types of salads, including pre-made packs, store-bought spinach or hand-chopped lettuce.

Watch this video for tips on how to keep your salad crispy.

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How to keep salad fresh

To keep your salad fresh:

  1. Choose the right greens.

If you're not serving the salad immediately, avoid using arugula or spinach. Instead, opt for a stronger leafy green like lettuce or kale.

  1. Wash and dry your greens.

After you wash the salad greens, ensure they are completely dry. Moisture can cause the leaves to wilt and prevent the dressing from sticking.

  1. Wait to dress the salad.

Don't add the dressing until the salad is ready to be served. Like moisture from washing, dressing sitting on the salad for an extended period can cause the greens to wilt.

Here's a bonus tip if you're serving the salad at home or a potluck: Get a deep bowl and add the dressing to the bottom. Grab a small plate, flip it upside down, and place it in the bowl covering the dressing. Then, assemble your salad on top of the plate in the bowl. When it's time to serve, pull out the plate and mix!

Before you tuck into that delicious salad, quickly season it with a high-quality salt. You might be surprised at how a little sprinkle can add a lot of flavor.

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