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Product Recalls

Over 1.2 million Good Earth light bars recalled after multiple fires, 1 customer death

The company says that batteries in the lights can overheat and ignite plastic housing, posing fire and burn hazards. 'Please immediately unplug and stop using your unit,' the company urges.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled more than 1.2 million rechargeable lights due to fire and burn hazards.

More than 1.2 million Good Earth rechargeable integrated lights have been recalled in the United States after reports that they've caused multiple fires, killing one homeowner, according to the .

Affected devices pose fire and burn hazards as the batteries can overheat and ignite the light’s plastic housing, the recall says. An additional 37,800 lights sold in Canada are also affected.

Product overheating led to one consumer death and another person being treated for smoke inhalation after a device caused a fire in their home, the commission said.

The Illinois-based company has gotten nine additional reports of lights overheating, including six that caused fires and property damage, according to the commission.

"Please immediately unplug and stop using your unit," Good Earth on its website.

Here's what you need to know.

Recalled lights described

The lithium-ion batteries on the lights are designed to be alternatives to permanently wired fixtures in places that are difficult to install wired lights.

The devices, which measure about 12 inches long, are sold in packages of one or two and in range of colors from white, silver and black to almond and rose gold. They come with a charging cable, and some have a remote control and power adapter.

Which Good Earth light bar models are recalled

The recalled lights were sold at U.S. hardware and home improvement stores Lowe’s and Ace Hardware, as well as online websites like Amazon between October 2017 through January 2024. A single unit of the product was sold for about $20 and the bundle for about $35.

Recalled devices, which were manufactured in Cambodia and China, have model numbers that begin with RE1122, RE1145, RE1362 and RE1250. Customers can find the model number printed on a white sticker on the back of the device.

The following model numbers have been recalled:

  • RE1122-WHG-12LF0-G
  • RE1122-WHG-12LF0-F
  • RE1122-SIL-12LF0-G
  • RE1362-RGB-12LF2-G
  • RE1250-WHG-12LFR-G
  • RE1122-SIL-12LF2-G as part of RE1145-SIL-12LF2-Q bundle
  • RE1122-ALM-12LF2-G as part of RE1145-ALM-12LF2-Q bundle
  • RE1122-WHG-12LF2-G as part of RE1145-WHG-12LF2-Q bundle
  • RE1250-WHG-12LF1-G as part of RE1250-WHG-12LF2-Q bundle
  • RE1250-SIL-12LF1-G as part of RE1250-SIL-12LF2-Q bundle
  • RE1250-BKG-12LF1-G as part of RE1250-BKG-12LF2-Q bundle
  • RE1250-RGP-12LF1-G as part of RE1250-RGP-12LF2-Q bundle
  • RE1250-ALM-12LF1-G as part of  RE1250-ALM-12LF2-Q bundle

How to get a free replacement light bar

Good Earth Lighting will offer a free replacement light bar for consumers affected by the recall without a shipping or handling fee.

The company recommends keeping the unit without using it until owners register for a free replacement and receive disposal instructions.

"We strongly encourage you to participate and contact us to obtain a free replacement," the company says.

Unit owners will write the date and initial next to the model number on the back of the device, write "Recalled" on the front of the light and upload pictures to .

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