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Thanksgiving (United States)

Pumpkin and apple pie dominate Thanksgiving. See what pie your state searches for most.

Do you prefer apple pie or pumpkin pie? If you're in Hawaii, how about neither?

Whether they are homemade or store bought, pies often have an important place on the Thanksgiving table, although which flavor of pie you serve may depend on your own preference.

Ahead of Thanksgiving, Google shared a list with ӣƵ of the most searched pies in each state. Unsurprisingly, apple pie and pumpkin pie dominated the results, which included searches from Oct. 6-Nov. 6, suggesting the desserts we thought of most as preparations for Thanksgiving began.

Although pumpkin pie is thought of as a Thanksgiving staple, it was the clear second place in teams of overall searches, with 14 states searching for it the most. Apple pie emerged as the clear winner, the top-searched pie for 34 states and Washington, D.C. Snuffing pumpkin and apple pie, two states searched for other pies more: Hawaii opting for and Mississippi for sweet potato pie.

Check out your state's uniquely searched pie below:

Google has released the top-searched pie by each state over the last 30 days.

Why is Thanksgiving so expensive?Here's what the data says

Your state's most searched Thanksgiving pies, according to Google

Alabama: Pumpkin pie

Alaska: Pumpkin pie

Arizona: Apple pie

Arkansas: Pumpkin pie

California: Apple pie

Colorado: Apple pie

Connecticut: Apple pie

Delaware: Apple pie

Florida: Pumpkin pie

Georgia: Apple pie

Hawaii: Haupia pie

Idaho: Apple pie

Illinois: Apple pie

Indiana: Apple pie

Iowa: Pumpkin pie

Kansas: Apple pie

Kentucky: Pumpkin pie

Louisiana: Pumpkin pie

Maine: Apple pie

Maryland: Apple pie

Massachusetts: Apple pie

Michigan: Apple pie

Minnesota: Apple pie

Mississippi: Sweet potato pie

Missouri: Apple pie

Montana: Apple pie

Nebraska: Pumpkin pie

Nevada: Apple pie

New Hampshire: Apple pie

New Jersey: Apple pie

New Mexico: Pumpkin pie

New York: Apple pie

North Carolina: Apple pie

North Dakota: Apple pie

Ohio: Apple pie

Oklahoma: Pumpkin pie

Oregon: Apple pie

Pennsylvania: Apple pie

Rhode Island: Apple pie

South Carolina: Apple pie

South Dakota: Pumpkin pie

Tennessee: Apple pie

Texas: Pumpkin pie

Utah: Pumpkin Pie

Vermont: Pumpkin pie

Virginia: Apple pie

Washington: Apple pie

Washington, D.C.: Apple pie

West Virginia: Apple pie

Wisconsin: Apple pie

Wyoming: Apple pie

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