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Details on iOS 18: Better (and scheduled) messages just the start of soon-to-be features

During Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday, presenters highlighted several features that will upgrade devices' text messaging capabilities, including "Genmojis," scheduled messages and better support for Android and iPhone messaging.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and other company leaders announced how iOS 18 and Apple's new AI-powered intelligence system called "Apple Intelligence" will improve messaging and communication for iPhone users.

"Messages is central to how we communicate with the most important people in our lives," Ronak Shah, the director of Internet technologies and product marketing at Apple, said. "So in iOS 18, we're giving you all new ways to express yourself and stay connected."

The messaging updates will be available for free when iOS 18 arrives for iPhone Xs and later.

Apple introduced a way to generate emoji based on variables you select, called Genmoji.

Genmojis coming to iMessage

As rumored, Apple announced that AI-generated emojis will be coming to iPhones, Macs and iPads.

By using the power of Apple Intelligence, users will be able to create Genmojis by just providing a description. The company used "updating a friend about a relaxing time, getting the group chat excited about brunch (and) complaining about the rowdy squirrel outside your window" as examples of when a Genmoji could be applicable.

Genmojis can also be created to look like people in iPhone users' photo galleries. Once created, Genmojis can be sent inline in users' messages.

Scheduled messages and more "tapback" reactions coming with iOS 18

Scheduled messages will be available to iPhone users with iOS 18. The highly requested feature will now allow users to prepare a message and schedule it to be sent at a later time.

Message tapbacks are also improved, and now users can respond using emojis and stickers.

Messages app will support RCS

Green messages won't be a problem with iOS 18 as the update will make iPhones compatible with Rich Communication Services (RCS).

RCS is a communication protocol that allows for enhanced messaging, voice, video, and file transfer, according to .

Being RCS compatible means iPhone and Android users can now text without issue, including pixelated images and bad-quality videos.

Apple's 'Image Playground' announced

Apple's "Image Playground" will also allow users to create several original AI-generated images by choosing from a range of concepts such as themes, costumes, accessories, places and more.

Once a user selects their desired options, Apple Intelligence will generate image previews that can then be added to their playground. The images can be created in sketch, illustrative or animated form.

Images generated using Image Playground can be sent via Messages.

An Image Playground app will also be available allowing users to try out different concepts and share their creations with friends.

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